Luxury Canvas Tents

Boutique Style Camping

Starting at $99 USD/night
Shared Bathhouse


Our “glamp” tents are comfortably, yet minimally furnished cotton canvas tents that will keep you safe, dry, and feeling rested in the morning. They’re elevated campsites! Save the hassle of pitching (and packing) the tent, and wake well-rested on an actual bed. THE BASE PRICE INCLUDE THE TENT, BED, AND OUTSIDE AMENITIES. YOU MAY CHOOSE TO ADD LINENS, KITCHEN SUPPLIES, FIREWOOD, ETC. for additional fees. Choose these at checkout. All tents have access to a nearby bathhouse and communal spaces. Review each one to find your perfect space.


Our newest tent is more cabin than most. Its classic safari design has a rectangular shape and extra large space. It features a queen bed. The views are spectacular and there is a special small wetland area nearby. The tent features a fire pit, adirondacks, outdoor seating, and a private porch space.

From $139 per night


A large bell tent with queen bed and plenty of space. Waterproof walls, rain fly, and sealed floor. Outdoor table, shade, adirondacks, and fire pit are provided.

From $99 per night

Double Bell

A classic double bell tent that makes you feel like you ARE the big top. It is whimsical and fun. With waterproof walls and a sealed floor, this tent is spacious and protecting. Perfect for a cozy retreat or family getaway, the tent feels both rustic and indulgent. This tent is a 10' descent from the main field. You should be nimble enough to make the walk. The tent and site are darker than most given the forested location. Two full beds are provided and a few more air mattresses can easily be thrown in. Indoor and outdoor seating, picnic table, shade, and fire pit are included.

From $129 per night


This cozy tent is high on design, but compact. It’s got that desert oasis entry vibe. It features a queen bed. Stay safe and dry with waterproof walls and sealed floor. Outdoor table, shade, adirondacks, and fire pit included.

From $99 per night


This classic bell tent blends with nature and allows for darker, lazy mornings. Though it is the smallest of our tents, it may have one of the best settings tucked back along the oxbow waterway. As with others, it has waterproof walls and a sealed floor. A full bed completely fills out the interior space. Outdoor table, shade, and fire pit included.

From $99 per night


Tipi is set along the river. Parking is available within 100'. Two twin beds fill the space. This isn't a large tent, but the views are incredible. It is on the river and in the forest - be prepared for a rustic camping experience. There is a fire pit, adirondacks, and picnic table.

From $99 per night



Tucked along forest line, all tents have mountain or river views.

Kitchen facilites

Rentable, furnished camp package include washbasin, stove, basic kitchenware, coffee goods, and utensils.


Bed sizes vary, check each listing.


Shared bathroom facilities. Please bring your own towels.

Firepit and Outdoor Seating

All tents have firepits and outdoor tables and chairs


Tents are off-grid. Solar/battery lighting provided. Charging units available for a fee.


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