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We have an accommodation that’s right for you. At Baker Rocks you will find the most diverse array of accommodations on offer - but we have only a select few, so book early!!! You may choose from a traditional tent campsite to an all-season cabin with hot tub. Frankly, we like them all, and each time could be something new. All furnished units feature ultra comfortable linens, boutique necessities, and unique accoutrements. Quality over quantity. Read each description for your preferred fit. If you have a special request/need, let us know and we will try to accommodate. We have infant and toddler accessories available upon request (quantities limited). Staying in nature is a rewarding experience and has many benefits. But please come prepared. There are bugs and wildlife; sometimes it is very warm and sometimes it is cold; it can be windy or rainy. If you have questions or need advise please contact us in advance.


We look forward to hosting you for your stay, event, or visit. Baker Rocks wants you to unpack everything you thought you knew about camping and campgrounds. We want you to embrace what Mother Nature has done and actually have the chance to enjoy that. We want you to UnCamp, Glamp, whatever you call it. We call it a boutique nature experience. We are generally a CONTACTLESS camp. All the information you need is provided in your confirmation email. We live and work onsite, but are always DOING to improve the space and don't find it useful for staff to site in an office at all times. We are available via cameras, text, or a wave. We use an honor system for purchasing and regularly make rounds to ensure everyone is set. We are mostly off-grid and we try our best to be conscious of the environment, planning smart builds, using sustainable and reusable products, and alternative energy. We provide most of these products for you and ask that you also try your best to follow a “leave no trace” practice. Outside of the cabins, all units are without electricity or climate control. Furnished Units come with a power bank to charge small devices. We haven’t paved through, we’ve provided access. You don’t need 4WD (rain or snow can affect) , but if you have concerns with vehicles we’ll be happy to shuttle. We have communal parking areas nearby each zone. Be conscious of your waste. Recycling is MANDATORY. We are a small, women-owned, family business that does all the work onsite. We are working hard to build this dream. If something isn’t up to standard or as expected, let us know and we will try to make it right. Suggested PACKING LIST: Gear, sunscreen, mosquito and tick spray, headlamps or lanterns, solid walking shoes/boots, wind breaker, extra blankets for the camp fire, lighter or matches, etc. CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund up to 14 days prior to reservation. 50% refund up to 7 days prior. No refund within 7 days.

Pick a spot - camp in the field, forest, or along the river. No amenities at site, but access to bathhouse and full use of property.

Open Camp

Open Camp Backcountry…


Cozy Cabins

Sleeps 2-4, All Season Luxury

$299 - $325USD/night


Sleeps 4, Shared kitchen and bathhouse.


Furnished Camp Tents

Sleeps 4, Shared kitchen and bathhouse.


Serenity Dome

Sleeps 2, Truly Unique Private


Barn Loft

Sleeps 2, Friendly Farmstyle Retreat


Treetop House

Sleeps 2, Truly Unique Private


Hideaway Yurt

Sleeps 2, Truly Unique Private



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